8 Ways to Enjoy the Great Outdoors in Isle of Palms

8 Ways to Enjoy the Great Outdoors in Isle of Palms

  • Amy Rogers
  • 08/15/22

If South Carolina had a hidden vacation spot, the perfect beachside escape, it would be the Isle of Palms. The Isle of Palms is a seven-mile barrier island off the coast of Mt Pleasant, just East of Charleston, SC. In every direction are gorgeous ocean views and pristine sandy beaches. Whether you are looking for the perfect Wild Dunes real estate near a legendary golf course or are looking for a home near some perfect surf, the Isle of Palms has something for everyone.

One of the greatest draws of this hidden gem is the outdoor activities. Every day, you can find a new way to enjoy the great outdoors on the Isle of Palms. You can embrace the coastline by diving into watersports, lounge on the beach in the sun, or go for a stroll to see the stunning views. Head to nearby Wild Dunes resort for beautiful bicycle paths and more structured outdoor fitness such as beautiful tennis, basketball, and volleyball courts.

You can lounge under the shade of the signature massive palms or walk the entire island end to end. When you find a home on the Isle of Palms, the beautiful sunshine and perfect ocean air will beckon you outdoors with each new day.

How many ways are there to enjoy the great outdoors on the Isle of Palms? Let's find out.

1. Wild Dunes golf courses

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There's no denying that the single biggest outdoor attraction on the Isle of Palms are the legendary Wild Dunes golf courses. There are two full golf courses on the island, both curated by the Wild Dunes Resort. Wild Dunes real estate invites SC residents and home buyers to live right on the course as an integrated part of the luxurious golf resort lifestyle.

If you're here for the beautiful rolling greens and a lifestyle of tee times and clubhouse dinners, you've come to the right place. Wild Dunes is the perfect spot to spend every day outdoors practicing your swing and soaking up the sunshine. You will get your daily nature walk in just by moving from one hole to the next. On days when you are giving your putting arm a rest, you can enjoy the beautiful green by taking a stroll along the surrounding pathways for residents and active golfers alike.

2. Lounging and swimming along Isle of Palms beaches

Isle of Palms beaches is the pride of South Carolina, as a beautiful sandbar with gleaming sandy beaches from one end to the other. These beaches are not just nice to look at, they count as an outdoor activity all by themselves. Lounging on the beach, walking the beach, and napping under an umbrella are all-natural ways to soak up the sun and enjoy the fresh seaside air.

Of course, what most people love about our beautiful beaches is swimming. Whether you enjoy wading in the ocean or diving in to surf the local waves, you will find the South Carolina coasts to be warm and welcoming. Bring your favorite beach gear or get ready to have some fun in the sun.

3. Getting active with seaside watersports

When we said Isle of Palms has something for everyone, we meant it. You don't have to lounge on the beach to enjoy the excellent and glittering ocean access. For those who love adventure, watersports are the promising outdoor activity of any Isle of Palms real estate or vacation stay.  Skim over the surface of the water at high speeds or soar above the ocean on a parasail. Operate your own vehicle or glide along behind a professional. You can take to the calmer waters with a paddleboard or adventure up and down the coast with your own kayak or canoe. The possibilities for water sports on the Isle of Palms are as endless as they are exciting.

Jet skiing

Jet skiing is one of the most exhilarating things you can do on the water. Coasting over the waves at high speeds can get your blood pumping as you zoom between the swimming areas and the boating channels along the beautiful Isle of Palms coast.


Parasailing is riding a wide parachute being pulled along by a motor boat. It's a wonderful way to enjoy the ocean, rising high above the waves with a safe and gentle splash-down when the boat ahead of you finally stops. Many people come to the Isle of Palms to parasail. But living on the Isle of Palms, you could parasail nearly every weekend (weather permitting) if it becomes your new favorite way to enjoy the great outdoors.


A paddleboard is halfway between a kayak, canoe, and surfboard. It is a seated personal boat with no interior that looks like a large, wide surfboard. You navigate with a single-ended oar like a canoe and enjoy agile navigation on calmer waters.

Kayaks and canoes

If you love personally paddled boats, you may adore fleet kayaks and group canoes. Kayaks and canoes are available for rental along the Isle of Palms beaches, but Charleston and Isle of Palms residents often have their own kayaks ready for a day at the beach any day.

4. Take a scenic stroll

Wild Dunes is a rolling resort community, a blend of residents living in luxury and vacationers doing the same. For those who enjoy getting their time in the great outdoors at a relaxed pace, amble around the island and resort. It’s a great way to soak up some sun and get your fitness tracker steps in while viewing the picturesque vistas of Isle of Palms along the beaches and byways.

5. Alfresco dining

Of course, you don't have to get active to enjoy the outdoors. If you just want to watch the palms sway in the summer breeze, find one of the dozens of terrace dining restaurants along the island. Alfresco dining is a wonderful way to embrace living in a place that is beautiful most of the year and a joy to look at. Dining outdoors is a delightful way to enjoy natural surroundings without needing to work up a sweat. For those who prefer the relaxed lifestyle of admiring the island around you, choose a few favorite terrace dining restaurants to frequent.

6. Chartered boat tours from the Isle of Palms

Have you ever wanted to see the world from the side of a boat? What about glancing deep into the ocean to spot dolphins and other delightful aquatic wildlife? Are you looking for a sight-seeing tour of the island or a fisherman's insights on the best places to drop a line? Then charter a boat tour from Isle of Palms. A chartered boat will get you out onto the water and see interesting things from the perspective of your tour guide. You can charter a boat for a private anniversary tour or to see the secrets of the ocean around the island.

Sightseeing tours

Sightseeing around the Isle of Palms is a casual and fun boat trip to book. You can sail around the coast of the island, enjoying the glittering sea and resort towers along the coast. You can greet the merry-makers on the beach and do water sports off the shoreline and wave your hat to those dining on nearby terraces overlooking the ocean. Sightseeing tours take you to the best views around the island for a fun, adventurous, or romantic outdoor experience.

Aquatic ecosystem tours

Love to see ocean life at its finest? Charter a boat tour to see Isle of Palms' surrounding marine ecosystem. Experts of our surrounding waters will take you to where the dolphins play, where the sea turtles swim, and where our water birds love to gather and wade. You can even meet a few live aquatic creatures pulled up in crab traps and released once you've said hello.

Fishing spot guides

If you're looking to get your time in the great outdoors holding a fishing line, get an insight on the best places to fish from a local pro. Go out on chartered fishing boats to the best spots around the island to land saltwater fish, catch shrimp, or pull up crabs.

Private boat events

You can also charter a boat just to enjoy spending time on deck. Enjoy the great outdoors in a private boat event with your closest friends, family, or romantic partner. Boat events are a fun way to have a floating good time on the waves and enjoy the outdoors by watching our island's own beautiful coastline from a comfortable distance.

7. Professional sports courts

Want to get your game on? You can embrace the outdoors through sporting and competitive events on one of the many courts available at Wild Dunes. At the resort, you’ll find pickleball courts, basketball courts, and the occasional baseball diamond. There are also jogging and biking routes, so there’s truly something for everyone at this destination.

8. Golf cart sightseeing

Last but certainly not least, you can enjoy the beautiful outdoors on the Isle of Palms in a golf cart pretty much anywhere on the island. Buy your own golf cart or rent one to putter around the island enjoying the beaches and charming shopping areas. Golf cart sightseeing takes the effort out of exploring the island on foot while still getting your daily time in the fresh air and sunshine.

 Are you ready to embrace the indoor-outdoor lifestyle on the Isle of Palms? To explore Isle of Palms homes and Wild Dunes real estate, look no further than IOP Residential, founded and headed by Amy Rogers, your Isle of Palms real estate broker. We look forward to helping you find not just the perfect home, but the perfect lifestyle here on the Isle of Palms.

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